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Sports Jersey Framing

We are one of the best. Why? First, we have a lot of experience. Second, we have the ability to create impressive designs using material and technology that very few framers in the country have. Pros from the NBA, NFL, MLB, and even Olympic athletes have asked us to frame their beloved game-used jerseys; sports booster clubs have entrusted us to frame team gifts; and university athletic programs use us to frame jerseys for their seniors. If that doesn’t convince you, we have framed thousands of well-designed high-end jerseys for leading sports memorabilia retailers to be sold around the country and at charity auctions with zero returns. Here are some great examples of our work:


Ray Allen Jersey


This is a great example of a simple jersey design. The design is framed with a handsome flat black frame; the shirt is simply mounted on a black suede mat and then surrounded with green suede. The shirt sits in a “pocket” below the green mat.


New York Giants Jersey 


An authentic Super Bowl jersey. Just one of the pieces we have framed for pro athletes’ personal collections. This is a simple jersey design including the actual locker plate.


Team Jersey Framing


We specialize in framing jerseys for entire teams. We have extensive experience working with college, high school and even younger levels such as Pop Warner football. We work with all sports: football, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, cheerleading, track & field and more.  This is a photo of jerseys for high school senior football players. They include the player's jersey, photo and a custom made plate with the team logo. We can do this work within a week or two, and it is truly a cherished gift for a kid who has worked so hard!


Bobby Orr Jersey

orrjersey 1

orrback 1

This signed jersey is floating on a quality black suede background in a shadowbox frame so the jersey sits deep in the frame. The best part: we used our customer's old school hockey sticks for the shadowbox material. We even cut out the back of the frame and used a second piece of glass so that the name on the back is visible.


Olympic Jerseys

usarussia 1

These jerseys are framed in one large frame.

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